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Market your Specials and Best Deals Online!

Specials4you.co.za is a website dedicated to “ specials “ advertising.

All your specials, on promotions , best buys and deals can be promoted on Specials4you.co.za

Reach your target market

  • Connect with your customers 24/7/365 on p.c. ,laptop or mobile

  • Select audience – target your campaign

  • An inexpensive and measurable way of testing your advertising campaigns

  • Email marketing campaigns and newsletters can be used for targeted campaigns

Create Relationships

  • Brand promotion

  • Own website promotion

  • Build loyal user base-specials hunters

Budget Friendly

  • Set costs with instantly measurable results
  • Convenient and inexpensive to update
Eco – Friendly
  • Move away from or limit print advertising

“ Without promotion, something terrible happens – Nothing! “ P.T. Barnum